Holocaust deniers: Stupid or Liars

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When contemplating the stupid or liar question, certain groups of people are very interesting to think about. Holocaust deniers are just such a group. 

There are many types of Holocaust deniers. There are Muslim fundamentalist heads of state. There are American Southern white supremacists. Occasionally, you can even find an jerkoff contrarion who is asshole enough to use the Holocaust to gain attention.

The third type is easy. He is clearly lying. He knows the facts. The Holocaust obviously is real. This douche nozzle is aware that vast evidence exists of the Holocaust. He just says the Holocaust is a hoax in bars during happy hour to get attention. 

The American Southern white supremacists, in my mind, are a little more complicated. Don’t get me wrong: you’re run-of-the-mill white supremacist who is simply a follower of a larger order, be it KKK or World Church of the Creator, is clearly stupid. There is no question that those guys are morons and don’t really know any better. The real interesting question is: Do the leaders, who are educated and often well-traveled, really believe their insane rhetoric? Or are they just lying to gain a following and draw donations from the morons to line their own pockets and feed their own egos? That is a very interesting query.

That leaves us with the Muslim fundamentalists. I honestly don’t know a lot about these people. Many of the more wealthy of this group are very well-educated. On the other hand, they’re obviously from a very different culture. I seriously pose the question to anyone reading this: Are these people stupid or liars? Do they truly believe the Holocaust was a hoax or are they just using it as a  rhetorical device to gain support among their uneducated populace?


Stupid or Liar?


Jeremiah Wright – Stupid or Liar?

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The Rev. Jeremiah Wright visited San Francisco’s Third Baptist Church this weekend. He once again used over-the-top rhetorical speech to try to get his point across. Read about it at sfgate.com

My query is: does he really think his crazy rants bring attention to the issues of health care and education? (stupid) Or does he just use these self-righteous rants as a means to fuel his oversized ego? (liar)

I just can’t figure it out.


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At the gym. On the road. On the sidewalk. In the grocery store. People rudely pretend like they don’t see someone to whom they’re rudely inconveniencing. 

“Oh, I didn’t see you there!” they say. But they’re lying. 

Maybe this is just a San Francisco thing. I don’t remember people being this thoughless and rude in Pennsylvania. 

Everything comes down to “Stupid or Lying”.